OBD IQ is our flagship product that is one of the the most advanced OBD-II adapters in the market today enabling access to advanced OEM level diagnostics.


Unleashing unparalleled value and deep insights through advanced vehicle diagnostics.

CAR DR is an innovative technology company that pioneers advanced automotive diagnostics, AI enabled data analytics, and predictive maintenance insights.  By delivering data-driven insights, we're challenging traditional paradigms and adding exceptional value across multiple facets of the automotive industry.


OBD IQ is our flagship product that understands vehicle health at a very deep level through advanced vehicle diagnostic hardware and software technologies.

...more ACCESS, more DATA, more VALUE.

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  • OEM Level Scan

    90%+ of manufacturer specific diagnostic trouble codes ( DTC ), covering Body (B), Powertrain (P), Chassis(C), and Network (U) codes

  • 50+ ECU Access = More Codes

    Access more DTC codes from 50+ engine component units for a comprehensive vehicle check using advanced OBD capabilities

  • Code Reset Information

    Ability to view whether a code was reset, giving you valuable insights into your vehicle's historical data

  • Freeze Frame Data

    A snapshot of the vehicle's sensor readings at the moment a problem is detected, helping to diagnose the issue much more easily

  • Emission Readiness Check

    Quickly verify the car's emission compliance for hassle-free inspections and compliance.

  • VIN Mismatch Detection

    Detects VIN mismatch by cross-checking and validating your car's history and credentials for integrity.

  • Odometer Mismatch Detection

    Catch odometer mismatch with smart algorithms that cross-reference mileage, vehicle age, and service records for inconsistencies.

  • Precise Automotive Solutions

    Pair OBD IQ data with additional supplemental data to support precise solutions for appraisals, inspections, and many more automotive solutions..

Real-Time Data for Precise Appraisals

This solution delivers real-time, pinpoint-accurate vehicle appraisals by synergistically melding core OBD IQ features with essential data sets. By correlating these diverse data sets, we offer a streamlined appraisal process, minimizing risks and discern the true value of the vehicle.

Solution Highlights:
Core OBD IQ Features & Data

+ Patterned Component Failure
+ Repair Estimates with Parts & Labors Costs
+ Vehicle History Reports
+ Current Market Values
+ Appraisal Report with CarDr IQ Value

Inspections with Intelligent Insights

‍By harnessing the deep insight fromOBDIQ, this solution in an all-encompassing vehicle inspection tool that seamlessly melds cutting-edge OBD diagnostics with a user-friendly mobile application interface.

Solution Highlights:
+ Core OBD IQ Features & Data
Core APPRAISE Features & Data

+ Vehicle Specific Inspection Checklist
+ Automated Inspector Dispatch & Assignments
+ GPS-Enabled Inspection Tracking
+ Real-time RPM & Drive Test
+ AI-Based Vehicle Health Score with Full Report

Seamless Infusion of Next-Level Insights

We ensure a smooth, uninterrupted flow of advanced vehicle diagnostic data directly into existing software platforms. This fusion not only amplifies the depth and precision of insights, but also augments software application's performance and value to unprecedented levels.

Solution Highlights:
+ Core OBD IQ Features & Data
Core APPRAISE Features & Data

+ Full API Integration SDK

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" ...revealed over $5000 mechanical defects on a recent Ram truck trade-in... "

Texas Toyota Dealership

" ...alerted  for defective hybrid battery system. Potential loss trade of $3000+ saved... "

Texas HONDA Dealership

" ...our hard-wire shop scanner failed to detect any of the problems revealed by CarDr's scanner... "



Unleashing unparalleled value and deep insights through advanced onboard diagnostics.


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Unleashing unparalleled value and deep insights through advanced onboard diagnostics.